perfect day at the end of the world


Today was an absolutely perfect day- one of those days where you can’t help but pause in the midst of it and attempt to drink it all in, only to realize you can’t. It was one of those days where everything is just amazing. 

I spent the morning by myself- walking, reading, breathing; happy, healthy, alive. I finished my book finally (!), and that put me in a great mood. But like most perfect days, today really began when I joined my friends. It was already nearly five o’clock by the time Kim rolled around to get me so we could meet up with Sean, and it seemed like just another day in our carefree summer lives-  until we arrived at World’s End in Hingham. 

Let me rewind a bit. Meghan originally mentioned her desire to explore this rumored spot by Nantasket beach weeks ago. Of course, we never actually made it out there. Today, with the breeze just right and the sun shining down, it seemed only right that we attempt the venture, especially since (like always), we couldn’t agree on anything else to do. I felt a little bad that Meghan couldn’t come with us (she was still at work), but the end of the world was calling… 

Sean found his way to ‘park’ (if that’s what you can call it), where we were greeted by a nasty old woman in a chair that made us surrender a $5 entry fee. Bitterness aside, we parked the Jeep and emerged, not really sure what to expect. But even before we entered the woods, there was this sense of natural beauty everywhere, a teaser of what was to come. And so began our excursion into what quite possibly could be the most incredibly beautiful place I have ever been on the South Shore. 

Rockys trails and fields of green leading to swamp-like-flipflop-swallowing marshes, winding wooded paths scattered with wildflowers, uncountable tall trees swooping over and keeping watch, and, of course, the ever present dominant smell of New England beachside vegetation entwined with the inescapable tang of the ocean- such was the fairytale world we had entered. It was something reminiscent of a long ago world-saving epic, our own little Narnia (or Pandora, if you’re Kim), where we were the heroes and the explorers. We hiked the paths, jutting off now and then to seek out a water-front view, until we arrived at the cliffs- the absolutely breathtaking points at the end of the path where the world seemed to drop away, melting into the trees and the sky. Looking across the ocean, we  could see the road in the distance, the singular road that cuts across the Nantasket Beach, framed by the tall inlet houses with their sail boats parked outside. The carnival was in town, and we could see the zipper towering over the other rides; the screams of its victims carried all the way across the inlet. Yet it seemed as if we were miles away, tucked in our own little corner of the world. Immediately around us, the grass blew in the breeze by the rock as the water splashed across the bottom of the cliff and the ducks swam by in perfect formation. The heat enticed us to leap off the cliff like we were little kids again, but the ominous water line indicating low tide convinced us otherwise. Someday soon, we’ll go back to jump though. Lying there on the cliff surrounded by nothing but ocean and sky, time ceased to exist. It was beautiful. 

But eventually, like all perfect moments, this one had to end. Hunger begged us depart, but the time we spent on the cliffs had inspired us to stay local and eat. Jake’s Seafood, renowned as one of the best seafood dives in the area, was just down the street. And so, after the half hour hike back to our car and a quick detour at the local Starbucks (tall iced green tea, please =) ), we were taking our seats in the spacious waterfront dining room, now joined by Rudy, who had returned from work for the day. With chitchat and laughter, we passed the seemingly infinite time it took for our food to arrive (I blame this on Sean’s lobster), but when the food did arrive- WOW! Maybe it was my already wonderful mood or the indescribable view of the ocean from the window that influenced me, but the seafood was some of THE best that I have ever had! We had steamers for an appetizer, and I followed with a delicious roasted tilapia served with an incredible tomato-olive salsa, asparagus, and broccoli (and key lime pie split with Rudy for desert!). Every bite was a moment that I never wanted to end. 

Everything ends though at some point or another, and so did dinner, and so did the cliffs, and now so is this day. But regardless of its ending, it happened and for that, I am blessed. I love this time that I get to spend with people that I care about. To me, this is summer defined. It is, ultimately, life at its finest.

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