Scituate Harbor

I love the little things. I love sitting under the gazebo on the harbor; eating icecream; and watching the boats, selecting which one is ‘ours.’ I love running down to the beach in the middle of the night, jumping in the ocean, being with my friends. I love Scituate and every moment I’ve spent there.

Everyone has that place- that place that defines an entire phase of your life. And, for me, when I think of the best times, the hard times, the times that really brought us together, I’m automatically transported to that small little harbor-side town, with its picture-perfect main street beach shops and sail-boat speckled waterfront, the lighthouse keeping watch from across the bay. It was in Scituate, after all, that we first really came to know one another, on that rock at the edge of the sand. We sat there, against it, under the stars wondering what would become of us. But that was two years ago, and now, here we are again, tonight, wondering what the meaning of life is. The rock talks have always been deep, special, and we know that- which is why we respect the place so much.

But we also remember. We remember all the times we might have otherwise forgotten (or never even known of)- like bears, and coolers, and togas; champagne corks and broccoli trees; ultimate spoons, and i’m yours, and sprinting to the beach, and the tide washing away our clothes. There were carnivals and kayaking adventures, fires, and smores. We set off the smoke alarm and we made lots of toast. Heritage Day, dinner at TK’s, icecream at Dribbles,  and biking all around the harbor- all these things have come to shape us in ways impossible to define. Sitting on the rock tonight, we couldn’t help but to think of how much we owed that cute little town.

I don’t live in Scituate (yet); I’m not even there every day. But it’s just one of those places that feels right. Our lives by the beach may be simple, but I believe that it’s this simplicity that has made us who we are.

And as we walk down by the water with our icecream cones in hand, I know we are the luckiest kids alive.

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