Questing in Cohasset

Earlier this summer, I wrote about the ‘South Shore Quests’– twenty scavenger-huntish outdoor adventures scattered around the south coast of Massachusetts. Originally, I had planned on completing all twenty with my friend Sean, with whom I had purchased the QuestBook in June. Except Sean left to go back to school in Colorado today =(. So, naturally, being the heroic person that I am, I vowed to complete the remaining 14 that we did not finish in his honor- all within my last 10 days here before I too return to school. 

Today, my friend Kim and I decided to try our hands at the ‘Whale Rock’ quest in Cohasset; it was her first Quest, but she had heard Sean and I talk about them a LOT, so she was pretty excited to see for herself what the hype was all about. I met her at her house in Scituate Harbor (absolutely beautiful- I can’t wait until I live here every day for the rest of my life), and she drove down RT3a until we found the small dirt lot just before RT228/Hingham described in the Quest Book. I believe we were walking through the Whitney and Thayer Woods- well that’s what the sign at the start of the trail said, so I guess that would make sense. 

Our next half hour was spent on a beautiful hike through the forests of Cohasset; once again, the South Shore Quests did not fail to impress me. If it weren’t for that small blue book, I would have never known such an amazing place existed! Perfect outdoor air, a swamp filled with wildlife, grassy clearings- this trail had it all. Our favorite was the old railroad tracks, now simply a gravel path through the woods (who knew a train used to run right through that part of town?). And, of course, we loved the Quest’s namesake, ‘Whale Rock.’ 

Whale Rock
Whale Rock

Finding this Quest Box was a bit more challenging than the other’s I’ve found thus far- but that made it all the more rewarding when we finally sighted it off the beaten path. And Kim was just as excited as I was! FINALLY, someone else understands the rush I’ve been talking about- the ridiculous exhilaration you feel when you uncover that simple little box from its hiding place. I now know that it’s not just me; I’m not THAT crazy. But I digress. Kim signed the log book this time, and I took over Sean’s role as the official ‘stamper.’ Side note: I was a big fan of the whale stamp we found here, and I may or may not have made sure there was a huge whale stamp on my hand before we re-sealed and replaced the box… =) 

By the time that we returned to the car, victorious, about forty minutes has passed. Unfortunately, we both had dinner plans for later that evening, so we couldn’t do any more that day, but we both agreed we needed to do another quest asap. Kim’s planning on taking work off on Monday so that we, literally, can spend the entire day questing. I really hope it works out, because I can’t wait to see the incredible places the Quest Book brings us next! And for Sean; we quest for Sean!

Quest Box
find this Quest Box for yourself in Cohasset

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