Tower of London

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My best friend was in town on business for a few days; it wasn’t the first time he had traveled to London, but still, neither of us had yet visited the Tower of London. It was a bit tricky meeting up at first without being able to use cellphones to communicate (his is American), but when we eventually found each other outside the ticket booth, it was so HAPPY. Living in Europe is an incredible experience and opportunity, but I fully admit that sometimes, I *really* miss my friends. Being together, even if just for one day, was the highlight of my month. 

Also, Tower of London: must-do. I can’t believe it took me this long to get out there, and I’m so glad my friend finally pushed us there. The history is just SO fascinating. And, oh!, those crown jewels. But forget the crown – there is the most enormous punch bowl I’ve ever seen, big enough to hold over 400 bottles of wine and, of course, gold-plated. Nothing less for the Queen.

I love this little castle in the city. And of course, I love my friends. 

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