Old Town

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Wandering “Old Town,” a lazy seaside afternoon in Faro, Portugal. I still need to pinch myself looking at the photos – was this real? The cobblestones, orange trees, the miniature potted plants. The streets were so quiet, deserted even. It was as if this whole little world was just sitting, patiently waiting for us. 

I had so much fun playing with my new(ish) Canon camera today – the lighting was perfect for it (I”m especially partial to bright whites). So I’ll definitely be framing some of these prints for the living room at home. A little bit of Faro magic to brighten our walls, though I could never truly capture the way I felt with my feet on the ground in that charming, empty village. 

2 responses to “Old Town”

  1. Love this part of Faro. We always walk through the old town when visiting, including when picking up friends from the station.


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