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By the time we reached the final destination of our tour, Bath, the sun had already set, and we only had one hour to spend in the city before the bus returned to London. Admittedly, I was not happy (ie, furious) about this – I thought the entire point of the trip was to spend the day in Bath, and at the end of it all, we wouldn’t even have time to sit in a local cafe or wander the Christmas markets. 

Regardless, Bath was *stunning,* really there is no other word for it. The lights, the architecture, the charm. It was incredible, hence my sadness at not being able to spend more time here. We used our one hour to quickly walk through the iconic Roman Baths, for which the city is most known, and to quickly grab mulled wines to warm us while briskly walking back to the bus through the Christmas market.

This small taste of the city was such a tease. I can’t wait to return. 

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