Anytime we have visitors in Cambridge, of course we take them punting down the River Cam, typically with Scudamores. Sometimes, they arrive excited and eager to punt; other times, they look at us confused and ask, “What’s a punt?” But as I said, of course we go. Punting is so quintessentially Cambridge that it seems almost sacrilegious not to at least take the guided tour.

This particular trip was my fourth, which might seem to be three too many; it’s not. Every trip, no matter how many times I go, is different. First time, I learned so much and our guide was wonderful. Next two times were ok; our guides were more energetic, but not as informative. This time, though, was the *best.* I didn’t think after three times doing the same tour, I could learn anything new, but I did. That pub in the last photo? It’s where Pink Floyd performed their first ever show (yes!).

I know this won’t be my last time punting in Cambridge, and I love that. I can’t wait to see what I discover on the next trip, and the next… More stories behind the buildings, the pubs, the gardens, and the people that made them, and yet another person’s take on them all.

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