Beautiful, rainbow, Riomaggiore, our homebase for the three nights that we spent in Cinque Terre, overlooking the Ligurian Sea. This, the first day of the set of some of the best days of my life.

It began in Genoa in the afternoon. We flew in from London Stansted that morning, then took a cab to the train station, and then (with only a few minute to spare) caught a train to La Spezia. The train took about an hour. From La Spezia, it was a train to the five villages; first stop, Riomaggiore. Our friends had driven to town from Florence earlier in the day, so when we arrived, they were already waiting for us in a cafe with a bottle of wine, the first of many. They led us to our Airbnb – an adorable set of rooms overlooking the marina, hidden withing the winding maze of  streets and up several flights of stairs from town. We quickly dropped our bags and left for dinner on the harbor, just in time for sunset. We had seafood, pasta, and wine, and when we had finished, we walked along the stone wall for gelato (also the first of many).  After gelato, we wandered through town, eventually stopping at a bar on the main street for another bottle of wine, where we met an Australian girl travelling through Europe, who sat with us until it was dark and late.

The night was so fun, so relaxed. We returned home content and fell asleep early, eager to wake up and begin the next day.



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