The Suffolk Coast and it’s colorful cottages. I finally made it here after lusting at beach-hut photos for months. 

To be back on the beach was such a joy. I missed the sound of the seagulls and the feeling of the sand. But the English seaside is not the Cape Cod seaside that I grew up knowing. It’s busier, more full of activity and families enjoying a holiday or day out of the city. There are boardwalks and food stands, free parking, more people. I suppose it’s unfair to say it’s completely different; I know there are a handful of beaches near me that are probably like this too. I’m only used to the ones that place greater emphasis on nature and seclusion. 

Still, it was fun here. The energy was vibrant. We walked along the boardwalk, through town, through an outdoor antiques market, stopped at a small pub for a drink, let the dog run in the ocean. If it were just a little closer (it’s two hours from where I live in Cambridge), I think I would spend every day here, summer and beyond .

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