Fez Riad

Inside Riad Les Oudaya, our palace home during our stay in Fez. Quiet in the off-season, every bit as intricate.

The courttard was stunning, the terrace view unparalleled. Bits of bread and crepes for breakfast. Jam, butter, olives, mint tea, silver teapot and all.

We loved the riad, though it quiet literally wasn’t what we expected. We had booked our stay at the Riad Louna and weren’t informed we would be staying elsewhere until the host met us at our taxi from the airport and walked us somewhere different. It was sleazy and obviously calculated, but I will give him credit – this new riad was splendid too (although it had no hot water, which allegedly, was the reason we were transferred from Louna in the first place). 

Unlike our planned home, our new home was a bit removed from the chaos of the medina (though still within it’s walls), and this ended up being something that we preferred. It was nice to enter and exit into an empty street, to have the ability to meander easily to the outskirts. To be able to start and finish our day here, in this peace. 


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