Malta Film

Somewhere on the coast of north-western Malta. Somewhere wild and quiet, away from tourists and locals alike. A large cliff and larger patch of land. I don’t even know what to call it; I don’t have an exact location.

It’s empty now, but several years ago, it was full of extras and crew. Equipment. Everything you could need for days of filming an iconic scene. This patch of land was where Daenerys emerged from the fire with her newly hatched dragons at the end of GoT Season 1. Now untouched and left to be. Our guide showed us exactly where she stood. He was there.

That was the official last stop on our Malta GoT tour; since we weren’t too far off, we were taken a little further north to the abandoned Pop Eye Village set for the view. Nothing to do with Game of Thrones, but mesmerizing in it’s own way.

The water was the most vibrant blue. 

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