Godrevy, an accident we discovered by pointing at the stretch of green on a map. A detour on a drive home. White sand, stretching forever in all directions. Water warm to touch. Mussels on moss covered stones. Sand dunes. Surfers. Sun and not wanting to leave. 


Day 4, Cornwall Trip

Our last morning in Cornwall came and went; we had packed up and left our Airbnb by 10:30am to begin the long drive back home to Cambridge. But instead of driving directly back, we made a last minute decision to route our way along the Godrevy Heritage Coast, solely because we saw it on a map. I love these beautiful Cornwall coastal drives, on the edge of green and sea. 

We stopped for lunch near the National Trust Godrevy Beach, only to find they didn’t serve food until noon. So we went for a walk along the dunes. This suddenly felt like real, wild Cornwall. Another secret. The sand was so smooth. Waves, soft. Water, cool. Lighthouse, perfectly perched on an island in the sea. 

We wanted to stay there all day, swimming in the sun, if only our drive home weren’t so long. And so, at noon, we walked back to the restaurant, sat outside with a view of the beach, and ate giant, amazing fish and chips plates with homemade butter and tartar sauce and mushy peas, and it was the perfect British seaside last supper. 

And then, we drove. Up the Godrevy Coast, back across to the main highway, across Devon AONB, past Salisbury, around London, until finally, just after 8:00 pm, we were home in Cambridge. Oddly, not exhausted. 

Cornwall still seems like a fairytale land to me. Soft colors, soft breeze – fresh, free. But what I will always remember most is how far away it made me feel. Way out on the tip of this island, away from it all, untouched and untamed. 


Cornwall, UK

When: July 2019

How long: 4 days (including 2 days of driving), 3 nights

Via: Drove our car 6 hours from Cambridge. 

Stayed: Bright Flat nr Sea Front, Penzance 

Ate – Day 4: The Rockpool, Godrevy Beach (lunch)

Did – Day 4: Godrevy Beach and Heritage Coast


You can read more about our first two days in Cornwall, here: Marazion, Lizard, St Ives, Carbis Bay, Zennor, and Penzance

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