Wild Ravenscar, seal colony, seawalk, cliffs and sky. Green, rock. Almost entirely alone. Empty space. A challenging walk. A breathtaking view. 

Slow down. Space.

Wild country. Nature and us.


Day 2, Yorkshire Coast Trip

Last stop of our Yorkshire Coast trip, another detour on our drive home. Ravenscar is a super small village, about twenty minutes south of Whitby along the coast. It’s famous for its grey seal colony, and that is why we came here.

The information we could find online about the seals was limited; we thought we would pull in quickly, see some seals, and be on our way. In reality, this was not the case. There is a fairly intense climb downhill, down steep rocks and an entire cliff face to get to Ravenscar Beach, where the seals are. This is something that would have been better done not in flip flops and jeans… but we did it. And we were rewarded with seals! Not hundreds in a pile like Horsey in January, but lots individually scattered and blended in with the rocks. I loved them (and I used a zoom lens for these photos – don’t worry, seals had space).

By the time we climbed back up to the car, checked out the National Trust Center, and began our drive home, it was 5:00 pm – six hours after we had originally planned to start the drive from Staithes that morning. We didn’t get home until just before 10, and we were exhausted. Exhausted, but so happy to have had this day and all of its wonderful detours. This entire, quick and yet-so-full, summer trip to the Yorkshire Coast.


Yorkshire Coast, UK

When: August 2019

How long: 2 nights

Via: Drove our car just over 4 hours from Cambridge to Staithes. We stopped in Newark for dinner. 

Stayed: Staithes – our Airbnb appears to no longer be listed as of writing this. 

Ate – Day 2: Whitby Brewery (drinks), Proper Pasty Company (quick lunch)

Did – Day 2: Quick walk around Whitby Abbey (we didn’t buy a ticket to enter the grounds), Climbed the 199 steps, Yellow Boat tour of Whitby Harbor, Ravenscar National Trust walk to see seals on the beach


You can read more about our first day on the Yorkshire Coast in Staithes, here. More on our earlier excursion to Whitby, here

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