Journal notes:
Antigua is yellow and rainbow. A grid of cobble streets. Cars in lines. Everything is flat. Green and pink flowers stream over stone walls. Walking directly up to doorways to see what’s inside, because there are no signs.

It’s raining lightly. Where are all the cars going? We aren’t here nearly long enough to let ourselves be fully taken over by it all.

Antigua, Guatemala

When: October, 2021

How long: One night

Via: Direct from Orlando to Guatemala City; met by a driver (Mario), who was recommended by a friend, who takes us 1 hour to Antigua. 

Stayed: Hotel Museo Santo Domingo (a hotel AND art museum)

Ate/Drank: Cafe Boheme (coffee, snack), Arrin Cuan Antigua (dinner; local food), Ek Chuah (hot chocolate); Unión Café (breakfast; healthy, smoothies)

Did: Wander the streets of Antigua 

Shopping: Estudio Gascón Libros (book), ChocoMuseo (chocolate), Jade Maya (jade)

Fitness: Hotel gym (beautiful, overlooking the pool)
Local: SIM card from Guatemala City airport.

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