Social media is IN right now. New tools and networks pop up daily, not to mention the expert tips and resources about how to do social “right.” They tell you what to post, when to post it, and how to react. They are overcomplicating it.

Social media is exactly what is describes itself as: a way to be social. It’s about interacting with other human beings and forming connections. And since the beginning of time, the best strategy for being social has remained the same: be yourself. Be authentic.

The fact that we’re now communicating with billions of people across the globe, over the cloud, instantaneously doesn’t change this. When you try to be everything to everyone, you will fail; you end up being mediocre and boring. It’s ok to be polarizing. It’s ok to be bold. It’s ok to be yourself.

And if you’re worried that no one will “Like” you when you express your authentic self, well, you’re wrong. The web is full of formulas and algorithms; they’re easy to find and to ignore. But the authentic selves, they’re much harder to ignore. They excite us, and that is why we love them and why only they are able to rise above the noise.

Be yourself, and you will attract like-minded people. You will earn respect and the trust of others. You will build a thriving community that loves, supports, and shares your mission on your behalf.

Authenticity is the difference between a haphazard, digital mess and a captivating digital story. Be yourself and your voice be heard.

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