Ah Summer- that great time of year full of sunshine, fresh air, carnivals, barbecues, and… vacation! According to a May USA Today/Gallup poll, a whopping 6 out of 10 Americans planned to travel this season; chances are, at least one of those six is one of your clients. And chances are, if your clients are traveling this summer, they’ll be stopping by for training sessions much less frequently than they had been before the beach house started calling their name.

So what can you do to prevent your business from going down as the temperature goes up? It’s simple- don’t stop training your clients.

As a person who cares about my health and wellbeing, simply keeping up with my routine when I’m away is just plain hard! Between outings with other people, packed itineraries, and less luxury to choose my own meals and schedule, I’ve found that, in order to sneak a run or a set of crunches into my day, I need to either wake up at the crack of dawn or sacrifice some other adventure. But I try- I really do! Just last week, I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend at a friend’s beach house on Cape Cod. I had to wake up at 7am (after going to bed around 1am), but I was still able to start the day with a 4 mile run around the harbor.

My point is that, just because they are on vacation does not mean that your clients are not in need of your services. It also does not mean that they do not want your services either. After all, they took the initiative to find you in the first place; most likely, they want to keep up their fitness momentum as much as you do. The issue, then, is not ‘how to get new clients for the summer,’ but ‘how to continue training your current clients, even when they can’t come in for their normal sessions.’

Simple. Offer to continue providing your services, even when he is away, via email, Facebook, Skype, etc. The Internet is practically overflowing with technology. Take advantage of it.

One of the greatest things about TrainingPal is that it allows your clients to access their accounts at anytime, from anywhere in the world- even that lake house in the mountains that they’ll home for the next two weeks. For them, that means that, even from the opposite corner of the world, they can continue to stay in shape and lead healthy, fit lives under the guidance of your expertise.

For you, TrainingPal’s anywhere-access means that you can continue to train your clients, regardless of where and when they may be traveling this summer. Using the TrainingPal workout builder, you can create and assign custom workouts to make sure your client keeps that bikini body she worked so hard for all winter. And with workout logs and instant notifications, you can monitor and chart her progress, so that you don’t need to skip a beat come September.

Whatever the chosen channel of keeping in touch, communication is key to keeping everyone on track. Let your clients know that you are available for them, no matter where they are. Whether or not they chose to take you up on the offer, they will definitely appreciate the gesture (and their respect for you will skyrocket). Remember, relationships are key; a trainer that goes out above and beyond my expectations is certainly a trainer that I want to stick with for the long run!

So just because the sun is out, there is no need to let your business melt away. Whether your clients are across town or across the world, keep doing what you do best, so that when your clients take a vacation this summer, you don’t have to too.

Have you training clients over a long distance before? What did you think?

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