(written/published in 2013)

In the month since we launched Mapkin in the app store, we’ve been hard at work fixing bugs and adding a few exciting new features (stay tuned!). One of our favorite things to do is to talk with you, our users, and to hear all the awesome stories of what you’ve been doing with Mapkin so far.

Some of you have created personalized directions for your parents, some of you have used it to get your customers to your business, and some of you, like Eric, have used it to plan out and share beautiful, scenic motorcycle rides.

For a motorcyclist, nothing beats a long ride on a beautiful weekend day, but if you’ve ever participated in one before, you know that it’s not always easy to plan and share the route. A traditional GPS system will take you the fastest way, but when you’re riding simply for the joy of it, the fastest way is not necessarily the way you want to go. The best routes are often far off the beaten path; to quote Eric, “nice country roads with little traffic, sweeping turns, and nice scenery.” When you’re speeding down the open highway on your bike, the journey itself IS the destination.

Eric recently mapped out an incredible thirty-seven mile trip to Bear Mountain in New Jersey with a group of friends. With rolling hills, cliffs, and fall foliage, it was anything BUT on the beaten path. Actually, it was so off the beaten path that cell-phone service was even spotty at times, but since everyone had downloaded Eric’s Mapkin earlier, fortunately they didn’t need to worry about losing the ability to navigate. And with turn-by-turn voice-guidance, they could keep their phones in their pockets and their eyes on the road and the incredible views. Like this: (picture).

In the words of Eric, “The planning was easy, using the application to define the route was quick and navigation was spot on.  Great work on the first release.”

At Mapkin, we’ve been on our fair share of motorcycle rides in the past, and we know firsthand that planning and sharing a ride is not always easy. That being said, we’re so happy that we were able to help make this ride – and hopefully many more – awesome.

Do you have a story of a trip that you’ve taken with Mapkin? Whether on a motorcycle, in a car, on foot, or on an elephant, we would love to hear it. Please send us a note at “info@mapkin.co”. We look forward to getting to know you and to continue helping you enjoy the journey!

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