So you’ve created a beautiful brand story, and you have a social media strategy ready-to-go. But should you set-up a company Instagram account? If your goal is to boost brand loyalty and build a community, then yes, absolutely!

Instagram is one of the best digital channels for consumer engagement, because it requires you to show, not tell, why you exist and what you care about. A picture, after all, is worth a thousand words.

The images you post, collectively, communicate how the outside world should view your brand; individually, they reinforce your values to your audience. And as a savvy digital marketer, you know that how your brand is perceived can translate to bottom line successes or failures. Take control of your brand story by sharing it authentically and visually via Instagram.

Share a lifestyle, not a product

Don’t focus on exclusively sharing images of your company, product, or service. Instead, highlight the lifestyle you wish to facilitate. Factor 75, a nutritious meal delivery company, posts pictures of skydiving and boating alongside their food porn. In doing so, they’re able to create an emotional bond with their community and reach new people who share their values. Remember: show, don’t tell!

Plan for content

Capturing the perfect photo doesn’t need to be serendipitous. Create a list of content categories that reinforce your lifestyle, and thus, your brand story. Then, set aside time to capture strategic, quality photos that you can use later.

Make every event a photo-op

Capturing the perfect photo doesn’t need to be serendipitous, but it can be! Hanging out at the office? Exploring the surrounding area with a co-worker? Be constantly alert for the little happenings that make your brand unique, and share them as they appear.

Adhere to aesthetic standards

It’s no secret that the most engaging content on Instagram is also the most visually appealing. High quality photography, often refined with a third party editing tool, is best. Avoid using pre-set filters, and above all, stay consistent. VSCO CamSnapseed, and Camera+  are great apps to help you get started.

Give, give, give!

Search for and use hashtags that are relevant to your brand story; then Like and Follow liberally. The best way to receive on Instagram, like all social networks, is to give. Liking and Following those who share your values is the best way to get their attention and the best way to grow your community.

Above all, stay true to your core. Use Instagram to share a special glimpse into your inner workings, the experience that your company hopes to create. Authenticity will humanize your brand, expand your community, and cause you to grow. To be authentic, share your brand story; Instagram is a great place to start.

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