My Last Night

Tomorrow morning (aka in 6 hours), I’ll be backing my packed up Honda Accord out of my driveway and beginning the loooooong trek down 95s back to Miami and back to school. In case you didn’t get the memo, I’m not excited; I am absolutely not ready to leave Massachusetts, the greatest, happiest, best state in the world.

Basically, I’ve been savoring every last moment I have here, trying to make the most of it- this week alone, I went to the Vineyard, the beach, the North End, Castle Island, the spot, Derby Street- everything while I still had the chance. Well, tonight finally was my last night- and I couldn’t have asked for anything better =).

We went to Scituate, of course. Me, Meg, Cahill, and Nikki at Kim’s house; and we made the BEST dinner ever! Appetizers: bread with herb crusted goat cheese and brie, cous cous, and quinoa; Salad: strawberry radish; Main; tequila lime grilled tilapia; Dessert: homemade fudge that we had made the other day. Did I mention it was THE best dinner ever??? And we ate outside on the deck in the perfect weather, with perfect conversation, and perfect atmosphere. It was just a perfect day.

And then, to make it even better, we went to the beach, my favorite place in the entire world. The tide was low and the air was cool, but there was nowhere else I would rather have been than wrapped up in my sweatshirt lying in the sand by that rock, our rock, with my best friends. Our favorite memory, biggest regret, funniest story, our future, summer 2010- we sat there, reflecting, for hours about everything. We jumped in the sand. We played pig-pile on Kim. We screamed at the bug that wasn’t really a bug. We (and by we, I mean ‘I’) tackled Cahill. We did it all, one last time together.

That’s what I’m going to miss the most. Them. I love my friends, and I do not want to leave them now or ever. I don’t want to leave late night beach trips, homemade dinners, bike rides, quests, and hanging out doing nothing. And I absolutely do not want to say goodbye.

But I’ve long since left the beach. I’m home now, wide awake, waiting to leave everything behind, not knowing for certain when I’ll be back or when I’ll see everyone together again. It’s not that I’m worried; we lasted this long, scattered around the country, still as close and as fun as ever before. It’s just that I’m really going to miss this. I’m not ready for it to end.

Too late; another summer has come and gone. We’re growing up. And there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

Here’s to the nights.

on the beach

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