What I’m Going to Miss Most about The Bay State

At the moment, I’m stuck in traffic. In the passenger seat. In dirty New Jersey. In misery.

Ok, maybe I’m being a little pessimistic… I’m just really sad about leaving Massachusetts (and really, really sad about the smell of NJ at the moment). It’s going to be at least two months before I’m home again- maybe even three or four =\ and there’s a lot of stuff that I’m going to miss.

My list, in no order:

1. Scituate Harbor
2. The Vineyard
3. Main St, Hyannis
4. Plymouth Harbor
5. World’s End
6. Pond Meadow
7. Nonna’s Icecream in Hingham
8. Brant Rock
9. Smores and fires
10. Derby Street
11. Wrentham Outlets (aka the JCrew Outlet)
12. Hanover Street, The North End, and Mike’s pastries
13. Castle Island
14. Boston Harbor
15. The Spot
16. Driving over the bridge
17. Jake’s
18. Duxbury Beach
19. Nantasket
20. Sox games
21. New Tokyo
22. Plymouth jetty
23. Green Harbor
24. Vineyard Vines

Happy thoughts =) That just made me feel so much better- got to stay positive. Only 18 more hours to go…

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