Sunday Brunch

Spicy smoked salmon, oversized crab legs, juicy shrimp, tangy muscles, fresh salad, warm bread, every fruit you can imagine, rich chocolately fondue, creamy très leches: collectively, a mere sampling of the unbelievable feast I enjoyed today at the Rusty Pelican on Key Biscayne. Before today, this waterfront restaurant had been a favorite of mine; after Sunday Brunch, it officially has earned my eternal love.

When we arrived just before three o’clock, it was already packed; the parking lot was full, and it was valet only. Actually, at the time, we had no idea Sunday Brunch existed, so we were significantly confused. Thank God we didn’t leave before going inside! Despite the seeming infinite amount of people pouring from every corner of the dining room, the hostess seated us immediately- at a beautiful waterside table, overlooking the ocean and the city of Miami, might I add. Within seconds, our waited had arrived, explained the system, and began pouring the first of many mimosas, limitlessly included with brunch. The service was incredible- quick, helpful, and not at all annoying. Believe me, our server earned every dollar of the VERY generous tip that we left for him.

As it was a brunch, in terms of food, we did the actual serving ourselves, yet though such a simple task, it was still extremely overwhelming. Rows and rows and circles and circles of tables spread across a massive second dining room, the displays as elaborate as the dishes. There was literally every variety of food imaginable; we didn’t even know where to begin. Despite the difficulty, we somehow managed to hold ourselves to a mere two (large) plates for lunch and one (large) plate for dessert each. But even so, I still felt pregnant when I finally stood up to leave two hours later. Though, considering I hadn’t had a real meal since Thursday because of my miserable road trip to Florida, I’d say I had earned it- even if I did probably consume my body weight in shrimp alone.

In terms of pricing, when you consider that, typically, I will spend about $50 on my dinner at the Rusty Pelican, it really wasn’t bad- $35 for all you can eat. The amount of food and drink that we consumed was well over that value, prompting me to conclude that it was WELL worth it.

So. now my next step is to make this a Sunday tradition. Or at least a monthly tradition. Who wants to come with me next week?

I love Sunday Brunch!

The View from the Rusty Pelican

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