Secret Beach

SoBe or Key Biscayne? Up until today, I thought these were my only beach options within reasonable distance of the University of Miami Campus; now, I know better. We had actually just crossed the causeway onto Biscayne (Crandon Park bound), when one of the passengers in my car suggested the ‘secret beach,’ instead. Himself a student at RSMAS (the marine science school at UM), he told us of a special, private beach located in the rear of the facility, allegedly reserved for marine science students only. At first, I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous about being there- I’m 70% sure we actually were not allowed- but it ended up being one of the coolest places I’ve been to in the area thus far!

secret beach

Behind the buildings and past a giant space-ship-esq weather machine, we found a long dock, sandwiched between two shallow, but sandy strips of sand, just around the corner from the causeway. We could actually observe the cars rush across the bridge just overhead, boats and jet skis simultaneously whipping under. Palms and Pines lined the waterfront, the ocean was warm, the sun was shining. There were pelicans and fish and a giant boat parked nearby. It was so quaint and so exciting all at the same time! I loved it!

secret beach dock

We literally lost all sense of time, floating carelessly in the water. But after these crazy, stressful last couple weeks of moving in and starting class, the sense of relaxation was a much welcomed escape from reality. I really, really needed this beach day- and I’m really, really, REALLY glad that I discovered this secret little beach.

Now, we just need to hope that no one discovers us using it and tries to kick us out =)

secret beach bridge

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