Truth and trust; this is Tbilisi, Georgia, the country, the capital. Gold rust earth clean and concrete. Children, cats, cars, chatter coming in with the breeze through an open window. Colors that are warm, warmth of the sun. Walking into traffic. Alive, energized, still, standing and strong as the world swirls. Claimed, activated. Beloved. It’s a city that dwells not on the past, clings not to a future; it’s here and now. Present. The embodiment of letting go - of control, of circumstance - and simply continuing to be, regardless of what anyone else might want or command. Trusting, knowing. Trusting and knowing that authenticity, always, side by side between the pleasures and realities of life, carries all forward. Fifteen hundred years and countring. Earth wine, khachapuri egg sun, a toast, a flower stand, strangers become friends. Walking home alone in the darkness, one piece of an intricate story, slightly buzzed with joy and kisi, fifteen minutes before curfew, as the entire world suddenly has somewhere to be. The outcome is unknown, so flow with it all. Unapologetically adapting, embracing what is here now, proud, simultaneously embracing what was and open to what will be. Warm waters, the warm place - the literal tbilisi, close by always to wash away layers of outside. Inhale of steam in the beam of sun, the core reemerges fresh, pure, passionate.