10 Adventures To Do: South Florida

I’m an outsider living in the Miami area. Plain and Simple. The never-ending traffic on US-1 still baffles me; I have to googlesearch the nearest post office; I don’t speak a word of Spanish. Let’s just say, I’m still trying to get a grasp on my surroundings…

Anyways, as far as South Florida goes, I’ve done all the basics: SoBe, Grove, Vizcaya, Key West, Miracle Mile. Only problem is, these get pretty boring after a while (there’s only so many restaurants to eat at on Ocean Drive). Definitely time for an intervention. This semester, I decided its time to really crack down, to force myself out of my comfort zone, even if no one else is exciting enough to come along. It’s time for a semester of adventures!

So to start this ‘adventure campaign’, I went to the archives- old lists, newspaper clippings, bookmarked web articles- all stuff I’ve been wanting to do since I first moved down here for school in the fall of 2008, but no one ever wanted to do with me (read: no one wanted to miss out on a night in SoBe). There’s a lot of good stuff, but to start, I narrowed everything down into this one, simple list. I like to think of it as a Miami Fall 2010 Bucketlist of sorts; ten tasks, three months, one great challenge!

Actually, in all seriousness, I’m considering challenging myself with a ’30 new adventures in 30 days challenge.’ The journalism student in me is craving the great potential THAT has for a story. Talk about something to get me out exploring my surroundings… Let me know what you think!

But for now, check out this simple starter list:

10 Things to Do in South Florida, Fall 2010

1. Snorkeling in Key Largo

2. Kayak with Adventure Sports Miami in the Grove

3. Paddleboard Yoga with Miami-Dade Eco Adventures

4. Visit the Miami Metro Zoo

5. Bike the Key Biscayne Heritage Bike Trail(find the Lighthouse!)

6. Go to the Matheson Hammock Park

7. Hike in the Everglades (possibly Pine Glades Lake)/ Canoe at Everglades National Park

8. Learn to sail at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club

9. Visit the Fairchild Botanical Gardens

10. Run the Key Biscayne causeway

(also: need to go to the Coconut Grove Farmer’s Market-not sure if that’s really an ‘adventure’ though.)

That’s my basic list for now. Feel free to add- I’m always looking for tips! Progress will be posted.

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