Rafting on Key Biscayne

In July, my friends and I bought a giant raft, and I was convinced it was the best impulse buy ever.

I stand by that decision.

Even though the weather was less than ideal with hazy skies and patchy sunshine, a group of us crossed over the causeway onto Key Biscayne to celebrate Labor Day and, most importantly,  the day off from classes (even though I never have Monday classes anyways)- raft in the trunk, of course. Like usual, I drove over to Crandon Park- though, I’m starting to realize its dirty, crowdedness really is not worth $6. Next time, I’m thinking Virginia Key might be a better choice. But I digress- ANYWAYS, we parked at South Beach, only because North Beach was infected by bacteria (still confused as to how the north part of the beach can be so disease-filled that people swim, but the south part can remain perfectly fine), and navigated our way through Labor Day barbecues, etc. to the actual beach part, where I proceeded to inflate The Raft almost immediately. Good thing I just bought a rechargeable, electric pump from Target a few days earlier: great investment! Ten minutes later, my M4 was fully functioning and ready to set sail.

the M4 raft inflating
Inflating the M4

After a brief sun-nap in its spacious interior by me, we finally took it out into the ocean. It’s so crazy that I actually took this raft, whose maiden voyage was over 1,500 miles away in Marshfield, MA, out into the Florida coast. True, I joked about it when we first purchased it spontaneously back on July 3, but I never imagined it might really happen. SO GLAD that it did!

 Floating carelessly in the ocean is definitely my new, ideal form of relaxation. And spontaneous rafting is up there on my list of favorite activities. Overall, I’d say buying that raft was definitely a great idea.

And bringing it with me all the way to Miami was an even better one.

Look out for (hopefully) lots more rafting adventures to come soon! Where should I take it out next?

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