The River Cam

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My sister and her boyfriend came to visit us in England, early December, last year (her first international trip!). I know it’s been nearly two months since then, but we had so many great little adventures that I need to share. Better late than never.

I was lucky enough to have Thursday off from class during the week of their visit, and we spent the day exploring Cambridge. Obviously, I had explored most of Cambridge before; what I had not done up until that point was “punt” down the Cam River, arguably the most popular activity in the city. It felt SO cold that day – not necessarily the sort of day that one wishes to spend on the water – but we wrapped ourselves in blankets and left port any way, mulled cider from the local pub in hand. It was WONDERFUL. As cliche as it sounds, I really did learn so much about Cambridge during that little boat ride. The history, the architecture, the traditions. Our tour guide was fantastic, and I would do it all over again (most likely in warmer weather and with a bottle of wine next time). 

Sisters in England, my new favorite adventure. 

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