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Belgium, magical fantasy land of chocolate, waffles, and beer. When I asked what to expect before we departed on our four-hour journey across the Chunnel, I was told, “Disney World.” I would say that’s accurate. The candy-colored carved houses, the charm – there are even horse drawn carriages! What I didn’t know before we went: apparently Bruges (or Brugge, as it’s spelled locally) was the “New York City” of the medieval era, meaning that it was THE place to be for commerce, art, and idea sharing. The more you know.

We stayed for two nights in the cutest AirBnb and filled our days with eating and drinking everything. The hot chocolate = the best I’ve ever had. At one point, we even drove out to the countryside to this monastery that brews the “best beer in the world.” It was a great little weekend getaway, made even better by the fact that I know it’s so, so easy to literally drive back whenever we want in the future. 

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