Grotta della Poesia

The cave a poetry. Removed from the city and yet populated by swimmers and sunbathers in the late October afternoon. A boy repeatedly jumped from the cliff into the Adriatic Sea. An old man did laps across the basin. White rock, blue, blue water. Quiet and buzzing. Silent energy.

We didn’t swim; we were en route to the airport. But he napped in the sun, and I took a work call sitting on the rocks in the breeze, overlooking the sea, very lucky to be able to take that call from that place.

It felt sad to turn away from the grotta, to walk from the water, from the people splashing, from the sun. To be unsure when I will see this water again. Feel the sun. Be in this beautiful part of Italy, amongst people who smile and are happy, because all of this is theirs. Everything here is wild, untamed, free.

I can’t imagine never returning here; there is so much more that I want to explore.


Grotta della Poesia, Puglia region of Italy, October

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