Zadar; slow, soft, sea organ humming. Hypnotic. Aqua blue lapping against the purplegreyblue silhouette of island hills. Dogs run in the park, and children dance on the lights. Old Town tumbles into High Street. The cobblestones shimmer. A church towers overhead. Everything is surrounded by blue.


Day 1, Shoulder Season Balkans Road Trip

When we originally booked this trip, we didn’t plan to spend any time in Zadar at all; it just happened to be the easiest and most cost-effective place to fly. We thought we would simply pick up our car at the airport and drive – away. Instead, we stayed a night. I’m glad we did. Looking back on the entire trip, of all the places we visited, it was the most well balanced between quaint and lively. Quiet, cobblestone, space to move, yet still full of people. All we did was wander, wander through town, along the promenade, around the peninsula. Everyone gathered at the north-western tip near the Sea Organ, mesmerized by the music-making waves. It was hypnotic. 

It was cold once the sun went down. Still, there was much activity along the harbor at night. Ferries and restaurant boats docked along the waterfront. We had gelato in the Old Town, and it was so good. Really, one of the best gelatos I have ever consumed (and I have consumed a lot of gelato). We walked with our gelato back to the Sea Organ. Families, tourists, and teenagers danced around the lit up Salute to the Sun solar panels. Hypnotized by the Sea Organ’s hollow sound. 

One thing I want to always remember is how nice the people are here. Go-out-of-the-way-to-help-you kind of nice. We felt genuinely welcomed here. It’s a beautiful place. 


Zadar, Croatia

When: April 2019

How long: 1 night

Via: Plane from London Stansted to Zadar airport, rented a car upon arrival.

Ate: Bon Appetit Restaurant (dinner), Slasticarna Donat (gelato)

Stayed: Apartments Withlove Zadar

Did: Walked and wandered, Sea Organ (Morske Orgulje), Greeting to the Sun (Il Saluto al Sole)

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