A gorgeous day; the prettiest shades of colors – aqua, turquoise, green, blue, light.

Cool waterfall mist, contrasting seventy-five degree April heat. 


Day 2, Shoulder Season Balkans Road Trip

First stop after leaving Zadar at 10:30 am was a one hour drive east to Krka National Park to see the storied waterfalls. It was crowded – extremely. The narrow paths were overwhelmed with tour groups (and we were stuck behind them). Still, we were not disappointed by Krka. It’s beautiful. 

We walked the entire footpath from the parking lot of the park instead of taking the bus, as well as around the entire pathway of paneled boardwalk. It reminded me of hiking in the marshes of Cape Cod, through wild forests and wildlife. It was so nice to sit and take it all in once we had broken free from the crowds. We bought spiced nuts from one of the local women who had set up a folding table to sell dried fruits and nuts along the path to the passing crowds. By the time we left Krka, it was after 2:30 pm. We continued on, just over two hours to Mostar, easily crossing the border into Bosnia and Herzegovina along the way. 


Krka, Croatia

When: April 2019

How long: 1 afternoon

Via: Drove 1 hour in our rental car from Zadar to Krka, en route to Mostar 

Ate: Local spiced nuts, for sale by local traders along the walking path

Stayed: N/A

Did: Krka National Park

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