The magic of Cornwall is this: the not needing to be anywhere. Losing yourself, losing time. Content doing nothing. A real escape from reality. Timelessness and all time, collide.

And that is what it is to be in Zennor.


The drive to Zennor was gorgeous. All along the sea, across giant open green fields, down empty roads. We detoured spontaneously, only because a friend had told us many good things about the pub there. 

Zennor feels in the middle of nowhere. A tiny village, surrounded by green. There are a few buildings, the famous pub, not much else. But the pub! The pub has existed since 1279; it’s nearly 750 years old. And it’s such an absolutely lovely spot. Quiet, green, surrounded by giant pink hydrangea bushes. I had a St Ives orange gin and tonic and fell in love (it’s currently still my favorite gin). We sat outside, on a picnic table, in the sun, playing a pub trivia board game, just the two of us, for hours. Another round. A plate of hummus. We had absolutely no phone service. We wrote a postcard four our friend. We lost all track of time in the best way.


Cornwall, UK

When: July 2019

How long: 4 days (including 2 days of driving), 3 nights

Via: Drove our car 6 hours from Cambridge. We stopped in Portishead for lunch along the way. 

Stayed: Bright Flat nr Sea Front, Penzance 

Ate – Day 3: The Harbour Seafood Restaurant, St. Ives (lunch), Willy Wallers, St. Ives (icecream), The Tinners Arms, Zennor (drinks, snacks), The Dolphin Tavern, Penzance (dinner), Waterside Meadery, Penzance (drinks), Admiral Benbow (drinks)

Did – Day 3: St. Ives Harbour, Carbis Bay, pub trivia board games in the garden at The Tinners Arms, the deck at Waterside Meadery, pirate pinball at Admiral Benbow 


You can read more about our first two days in Cornwall, here: MarazionLizard. Our third day started with a trip to St Ives and later to Carbis Bay.

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