Riding along a mountain road at dusk, three and a half hours return from Stepantsminda in the back of a van, lost in stories of life and land. 

Three point five hours up and back, in one afternoon, narrow road cutting through green grey snow capped mountains and blue sky, the journey literally the destination. I can feel the sun on my face, as we walk through the grounds of an old castle discussing the symbolism of the vine. Donning shepherds’ hats on the side of the road, posing for silly photos. The so-called friendship monument, the trucks lined up to enter Russia. The drop of the fountain behind us and the feast spread before us – khinkali, herbs, tomato, beans, sheep cheese – in the fresh mountain air. Kazbeck appears clearly in rainbow light. Horses float uphill in the now cooler breeze. 

In the peak church, an icon of burned faces that couldn’t be destroyed, legend of sheep hidden in a temple. We are literally in the clouds. Sun setting. Tiny village below. 

“Let go of security, and embrace the adventure.”


Kazbek, Georgia

When: May 2021

Via: A customized day trip with Lika and Nino, who hosted me on this incredible wine tour

One response to “Kazbegi”

  1. I’m dreaming of Georgia lately… one day!


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