Study Break

Should be studying, should be applying places, should be could be, but really thinking of where I’d physically be right now. And that would be a number of places. Maybe its the creeping South Florida humidity or that sudden onslaught of tests and banquets and projects, but something makes it seem like another semester is coming to an end soon…

Skipping, slipping across the  jetty, out into the darkness, further and further away

Riding a ferry-boat home, pitch black, drowning in an infinite sea of stars

Silent, lapping waves on a pier, neon lights, spring breakers scream just beyond the wall

Climbing, climbing the mountain, snow devouring bare legs, not feeling any cold

Walking, alone, down cobble stone streets, foreign streets that, after 3 days, are no longer foreign

Biking up the hill, across bright green, away from the path, arriving on the edge, scurrying down the cliff, waves thrashing, ripping away the sand

In a desk chair, roommate’s TV echoing across the apartment, chatter from the courtyard drifts through the windows, unopened text on the floor, essay question sits, staring, unanswered. Writing. Reality.

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